Friday, 26 September 2014

Busy busy bees

Well hello there!

I have set myself a task! (Gasp!) I will not start any new projects until I finish the ones I am currently working on. Now this may sound easy, but believe me, I have piles of unfinished projects!

So, I started by finishing (?) my Eyeblink shawl (it has already been blocked once, but I think it may need doing again - curly edges). But other than the curlyness (not sure if that is a word) I still love it, it is warm and snuggly!

I also finished my dress with the fabric I bought from the lovely ladies at Aberdashery. It's a cotton poplin fabric and I used about 2.5 metres making it from a great pattern from Prima magazine. I just need to decide which fabric to choose for the next one...

And I have also finished my fingerless mits in Rowan Fine Art 4ply, they are a real luxury wear, they took a while but are so worth it! And the pattern it lovely.
I can not wait to make another pair...but I must finish my other projects first.

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